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Teeth can be whitened using gels made of carbamide peroxide which are applied to your teeth either at home in custom-made trays and/or in the practice using the “Zoom” lamp.

Teeth whitening is regulated by the EU so that only qualified persons (dentist in the UK) can provide it using gels of specified strengths. It is unsafe to buy whitening products online.

Most teeth will whiten very well but some will not which is why you should always have your teeth assessed for suitability first.

As part of the process it is important to have your teeth cleaned and to maintain a good cleaning regime (I include thisĀ in the procedure).

Once whitened your teeth will stay white so long as you keep them clean and top-up your whitening using your trays once every 2-3 months.

So the procedure involves:

  1. Assessment for suitability
  2. Cleaning and Photographs
  3. Whitening -either Zoom or Enlighten
  4. Re-assessment and Photographs
  5. Regular Top-up at home.


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