Tooth Resculpting -repairing, reshaping and shade-matching.

//Tooth Resculpting -repairing, reshaping and shade-matching.
Tooth Resculpting -repairing, reshaping and shade-matching.2017-07-13T11:42:03+00:00

Teeth can be repaired, reshaped and shade-matched using veneers, crowns or dental composite.

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Veneers and Crowns can be made of ceramic (Emax or Lumineers) or Fibre-Reinforced dental Composite.

Using Fibre-Reinforced Composite often in combination with Drill-Free Dentistry I can rebuild teeth which would otherwise be unsaveable.

I can seamlessly repair damaged ceramic Veneers and Crowns using a special porcelain-repair technique.


Your teeth need to be assessed firstly to establish which technique is most suitable for you.

They may need to be cleaned to ensure a perfect shade-match and they may need to be x-rayed to ensure they are otherwise healthy.

Composites require only one visit, ceramics require at least two.

I can provide a preview so that you can see what they will look like before you choose to go ahead.

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