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The healthiest and strongest teeth in your mouth are the ones that don’t have any holes or fillings in them. The larger the hole or filling the weaker the tooth becomes. At Gentle dental we try to focus on prevention, but where that’s not possible we use materials that will require minimal intervention to preserve the natural integrity of the tooth as much as possible.



Filling are the most common and simplest treatment to restore a decayed, Cracked or chipped teeth.

We use Tooth coloured filling material mainly because it results in a more aesthetically pleasing finish than the traditional silver amalgam fillings. White composite fillings also stick to the tooth surface thus requiring less drilling of the tooth than amalgam fillings and the more natural tooth which can be left the stronger the tooth will be.

White filling materials have improved a huge amount over the last few years increasing in strength and durability, however they are still not perfect and can be prone to staining over time, particularly in smokers and coffee and red wine drinkers. So as with many things white fillings need to be looked after carefully. White Fillings are much easier to repair than Amalgam and stains can usually be removed with a clean and polish appointment.