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Ceramic bridges

Bridges are used to replace a small number of missing teeth when the neighbouring teeth are strong enough to be used as support.


How Dental Bridges are fitted

Bridges require 2 appointments At your first appointment, our dentist will prepare the neighbouring teeth or single tooth for crowns to fit over them. An impression will be taken and sent to the technician who will make the bridge. This takes around two weeks to be made Temporary crowns or a temporary bridge may be made and cemented on to the retaining teeth, to last until the next appointment.

At the second appointment, the temporary crowns or bridge will be removed, and the permanent bridge tried in and assessed for fit, appearance and correct bite. If any adjustments are needed they can be made at this stage, when perfect, the bridge will be permanently cemented to the supporting teeth.

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Bridges are created from dental porcelain and are fixed into place using dental cement . They are built on frameworks which can be metal or metal oxide. Their surface is very hard-wearing and stain-resistant.

Our bridges are made by local Dental Technicians and the processes between having teeth prepped and having a new bridge fitted usually takes around 2 weeks.