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Comfortable Neat Reliable Fixed Orthodontics

Dentist JJ has chosen to use Damon brackets to help create perfect smiles with  fixed orthodontics. The bracket is the part that is temporarily bonded onto your tooth while it is being moved. Damon brackets are more comfortable than many other types of bracket because the outer surface is smooth, they don't need elastics so [...]

Recent Testimonials

New Patient I needed a simple filling, the dentist (Niel) was very polite and friendly and put me at ease, he kept explaining what he was going to do and how long it would take, so I knew what to expect. It was painless and quick. Tooth feels fine and the filling is just the [...]

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My Favourite Things

1. Reinforcing Fibres These allow me to create Fibre-Reinforced Bridges, Crowns and White Fillings. 2. "Wave One" Root-Filling Files and Obturators These allow me to consistently heal and seal infected root canals. 3. Dental Laser by "QuickLase". This allows me to disinfect, coagulate, cleanse and contour gum tissue. [...]

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