A Fibre-reinforced Bonded Bridge -1 visit, 1/4 cost.

//A Fibre-reinforced Bonded Bridge -1 visit, 1/4 cost.

I just placed a fibre-reinforced bonded bridge.

It took only one visit, it was bonded to the neighbouring teeth and re-inforced with everStick fibres, no real teeth were adjusted or trimmed down or drilled in any way, I used composite white filling material to create the new teeth.

The advantages of this over a ceramic bridge are: 1. it only takes 1 visit; 2. the neighbouring teeth aren’t damaged; 3. therefore, it’s completely reversible; 4. the shade of composite can be chosen to blend in and this can be altered either then or later; 5. because it’s made of composite it’s easy to adjust and repair.

The disadvantage is: 1. it’s not as strong; but see #5 above and it should last 5 -10 years before it needs to be repaired which will take minutes.

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